Sunday, November 15, 2009

For the 11th time, how do you STOP receiving yahoo alerts on my mobile device???

I was directed to a site that doesn't exisit. I was sent: Dear Valued Yahoo! Customer,

At Yahoo!, your satisfaction matters more than anything else. In order

to meet your needs and preferences, we invite you to share your thoughts

with us about your recent experience with Yahoo! Customer Care in a brief

online survey.

To access our survey, please click on the link below.


Thanks for participating! We always appreciate your feedback -

Yahoo STINKS - the link is BAD!!!! It is non-functioning.

For the 11th time, how do you STOP receiving yahoo alerts on my mobile device???
Go to this page and click on My Alerts tab. Then turn off the Email alerts.
Reply:type in yahoo alert,there mail ,moble,etc use yahoo site not goggle
Reply:time to get a new connection for ur mobile.

Market research survey?

in the project of City taxi(taxicap)

what do you thing it would be effective in the points below that is more important to classified the customers which would be more effective more than other criteria to focus on

1.Size of the Demand

2.Price Senstivity

3.Intesity of the Demand

4.Ease of Satisfaction


6.SOcial Status

give scores for each

level of importance

very poor



strongly important

extremely important

thanks for your time

Market research survey?
Different situation need different style.

1, for industry,

2. for selling

3. for new tech

4. service

5. the ability to buy

6. entertament, etc

And different place need different style also!
Reply:City taxi - that means we are talking about mobility requirement of people around here.

Immediate surrogates u need to see is the other mobility alternatives and their performance (Example: Public transport). Industry growth rate/ city growth rate / city output as contribution to the country/ per capita income are useful surrogates.

RUGSUSA.COM = Complete ripoff!! Any previous customers that were able to get your money back??

I ordered from this site on 6/4/06; its now been over a FULL MONTH %26amp; have not recieved my order. They deducted the amount out on the 6/6 though - no delay there! I've called %26amp; emailed a dozen times if not more but they wont return emails %26amp; on the phone they either say it HAS been shipped, or thats it's ABOUT to be shipped... completely absurd! They are a Yahoo! merchant %26amp; I filled out my customer rating survey yesterday ~ was going to wait for my rugs to get here; HA ~, but I guess they didnt post the review...

Since they claim to have a 100% satisfaction garantee,I'd like to hear from past customers. what your experiences were like %26amp; how many years went by before you recieved your merchandise or a refund?

RUGSUSA.COM = Complete ripoff!! Any previous customers that were able to get your money back??
The first step to help you out with the matter is look at first link. It says that UPS is the carrier for delivery. and you should have recieved your order at the latest...6 days in the continental US.

The second link is for finding out your order status,there should be a routing number for UPS. If not call them back at their toll-free number requesting it. Call UPS with information. Take a good look at their return policy before making any decision.Your going to end up paying return freight if you receive them and decide to return them.Their is also a note there stating they do not want monogrammed rugs. Also says no refunds after 30 days.

You should start filing complaints now with the Better Business Bureau if anything. Use the BBB in the future to check on any

business also. Especially if buying online. I know I'm a great cheering section right now but have a dilemma also.Not your kind but with a rebate from Circuit City. It's been 4 months and they already sent me a rebate with what the kid typed in because I wouldn't tell the kid my name.My explanation was because I didn't want to be on anyones home mailing list or telemarketing phone he typed in......Oyg Guil....looks French.I haven't even recieved the other rebate for the same reason. 2 rebates 1 received but not cashable and the other somewhere waiting on Oyg Guil. Good Luck and keep some sanity

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5-star hotel survey?

Hi all,

We are MBA students from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) currently conducting our research paper on Tourist Satisfaction in 5 star hotel in Kota Kinabalu (KK) and Customer selection of 5star hotels in KK... If u ever stayed in any 5-star hotels in Kota Kinabalu, please help us by filling out the questionnaires below:



List of 5-star hotels in Kota Kinabalu:

1) Nexus Resort Karambunai

2) Shangri-la's Tanjung Aru Resort

3) Hyatt Regency Kinabalu

4) Le Meridien Hotel

5) Pan Pacific Sutera

6) Magellan Sutera

Your help is greatly appreciated. Please help by filling out, we need all the help coz we're targeting 200 respondents each.

Thanks a LOT~!

5-star hotel survey?
I've never been to sabah la. So sorry
Reply:i would love to be one of your respondent but unfortunately i've never been to Sabah...huhu...

thanks for the 2 points
Reply:i;ve been to le meridien.. i'll check out the survey =)
Reply:done missy ;)

Why don't auto dealerships send out questionnaires any more?

When I bought my first car back in 1968, the car company sent me a questionnaire a month later asking different questions as to my satisfaction. The next 2 cars I purchased, even from different automakers, also followed up with a questionnaire although the last one was more about my satisfaction with the dealership rather that the car. The last two times of car purchases, I never received a follow-up survey. It's like they just don't care anymore - we got your money, now you can go twist in the wind. I think customer opinion can help them design better cars. So why aren't car companies following up on customer satisfaction any longer?

Why don't auto dealerships send out questionnaires any more?
They don't care anymore. once they have your money and you have signed on the dotted line that's it. customer care doesn't exist anymore.
Reply:Some still do but each time that they do this they are taking a chance that the customer will respond negatively and this hurts the dealerships ratings with the manufacturer.

I personally think that is pretty crappy and if I have any issues with the dealership I just call the manufacturer and file a claim against the dealer and they have 30 days to reply or they will loose 1% overall and that will hurt them big time.

Can YOu help me?

Employers are denying a growing number of workers access to Facebook, the now ubiquitous social networking site, a Sophos Latest News about Sophos survey shows. The poll queried 600 visitors to the Sophos Web site over a period of weeks earlier this summer.

Some 43 percent said they had been denied access to Facebook at work. Another 7 percent said that access to the site was strictly limited to professional use.

Surprising Findings

Despite the productivity drain that Web 2.0 sites can cause, Sophos researchers were surprised by the number of employers specifically banning Facebook. "As recently as last September, we didn't have any companies blocking Web 2.0 applications," Sophos security Webroot AntiSpyware 30-Day Free Trial. Click here. consultant Ron O'Brien told TechNewsWorld.

There are a number of reasons for companies' reluctance to block these sites. For starters, human resource departments are increasingly using Facebook and MySpace Latest News about MySpace as tools for researching potential hires. Also, Facebook is becoming a potent networking tool Free white paper on customer satisfaction metrics. Click here. for people over 30. Some companies refrained from curtailing access to the site due to fear of employee backlash, according to some respondents to the Sophos survey.

Lost Productivity

Still, it is clear that a growing number of employers don't see these reasons as compelling enough to allow access to the Web site. It does suck productivity from a workplace, O'Brien acknowledged. "There are very few job descriptions that require access to the Internet Over 800,000 High Quality Domains Available For Your Business. Click Here.. I know most people say they need it for work -- but in reality, most employees can do their jobs with the office network and systems, and don't have to have access to the Internet."

Privacy and security -- both for employees and companies -- are other reasons cited for blocking access. However, banning Facebook at work does not prevent employees from spilling corporate secrets, even unwittingly, via their home computers.

The same is true for employees' privacy, O'Brien acknowledged. Companies motivated by these reasons may find that protecting employees from themselves is a futile effort.

Friendly Plastic Frog

The reason Sophos focused on Facebook for its survey, O'Brien said, is that the company had just completed another study to determine how willing site users were to share personal information with strangers. Sophos set up a profile on Facebook for a plastic frog, and then set about getting people to accept the frog as their friend and give it their personal information.

A shocking 43 percent of people contacted by the frog allowed it to view their profiles, which contained all sorts of private information.

"Facebook is a tool that requires a certain amount of dexterity to use," O'Brien concluded -- both at home and in the office.

Can YOu help me?
You didn't ask a question. What sort of help do you need with this?
Reply:ummmm...okay...first of all, ure crazy if u think someone's gonna sit down and actually read all of this. second of all, what are you asking??????
Reply:I don't understand your questions.
Reply:To be honest I'm not a computer person. I read, write, look at T.V. and that wear I normally stop. I don't be knowing what really any more. I guess I'm afraid I get confuse alot and I'm afraid to ask question.

What is the best way to factor out an unknown value from a percentage?

Maybe I didn't word the question the best... Here's my deal. I have 10 customer surveys returned to me with an average of 90.00% (satisfaction.) I wish to find out what my average would be if I threw out one survey. Here's the problem: I cannot see the individual scores on the surveys. Please help! Thanks!

What is the best way to factor out an unknown value from a percentage?
The info you've presented is insufficient to determine this. Along with the mean (average) of 90%, you need one other piece of data: the standard deviation, with the assumption that the data are normally distributed.

The average doesn't tell you about the spread of the data. That is, you may have 10 surveys all with 90% satisfaction, or 9 with 100% and one with 0%.

If you knew you had a standard deviation of +/-5% for example, you'd know that if you picked a survey at random, there'd be a ~68% chance that it would be between 85 and 95%.

You've stated that you now know that you have a standard deviation of 1.2. This means that if you picked one survey at random, it would have a 68% chance that it was between 88.8 and 91.2. Throwing that one away would change the average from 90% to the range (89.87 - 90.12). Stated again: if you threw away one survey at random, there's a 68% chance that your new average would be between 89.87% and 90.12%.

You're not going to get a single number out of this since the answer is the probability that it is a certain number. That is, you can say with 68% confidence that the new average will be within the range above. You can similarly determine what the average would be with 95 or 99% confidence by using the 2nd or 3rd standard deviatoins, respectively.

With your newest edit, you've completely change the problem.

You now have restrictions on all of the scores and know one of them. I'm taking all of your info literally, and you've asked what's the probability that the one score you pick is %26lt;4 OR %26gt;4. This is different from ,%26lt;=4 and %26gt;=4.

You already know that one of the scores is less than 4, specifically 3, 2, or 1. You've said it's a 5-point scale, so I am assuming that there is no 0. Regardless of that this smallest score is, the probability of choosing it is 1/10. This is the probability that the score is %26lt;4.

It's tougher to find out the probability that the score is %26gt;4, namely whether it is 5. You have to figure out how many 5s you would need if the smallest score is 3, 2, or 1. For example, let's do the instance where the smallest score is 3.

The total of the scores has to be 42 since the mean is 4.2 and there are 10 scores. If the smallest is 3, then the sum of the rest has to be 39. You would need x scores that are 4 points each and y scores that are 5 points each, meaning that 4*x+5*y = 39. The additional constraint is that there are 9 total scores, so x + y = 9. Solving for x and y, you get x = 6 and y = 3. So in this case, three scores are 5 and thus %26gt;4, so there's a 3/10 chance of picking a score %26gt;4.

If you figure it out for the rest, you'll get 4/10 and 5/10 chances. So the average is 4/10.

For your original question, %26lt;4 OR %26gt;4, the answer is 1/10 + 4/10 = 5/10. There's a 50% chance that in choosing one of the scores, you'll choose one that is %26lt;4 or %26gt;4 but not = 4.


I didn't realize that the standard dev. constraint is still there. In that case, the only data set that gives you all of the conditions is where the smallest score is 1, and there are 4 4s and 5 5s. In that case, it's even easier, since 6 of the 10 are %26lt;4 or %26gt;4, so the answer in that case is 60%.

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